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Benefits of Freedom’s Live-In Care

While every situation is different, there are many benefits to choosing live-in care.

Why Hire a Licensed Agency

When an older loved one chooses to age comfortably at home, assistance is often needed.

Does your situation require a live-in caregiver? Are you sure your loved one will get the appropriate level of care? How can you be sure the agency you hire is the best fit for your loved one?

Before you decide on a home health agency, you should first have all of the facts.

The Freedom Difference

Freedom Home Healthcare is a licensed, full-service home health care agency. We employ all of our in-home caregivers who are fully bonded and insured. As an employer, we withhold all necessary employment taxes and provide worker’s compensation, which relieves our clients from the burden of these liabilities.

We also invest significant time and attention in screening, training and supervising our team members to ensure we provide the highest quality care. Our comprehensive screening process includes a thorough background check, in addition to reviewing professional, criminal and driving records.

We also verify:

  • Legal authorization/documentation for employment in the United States
  • Medical records and required immunizations
  • Professional certifications and licenses
  • Continuing education requirements

Questions You Should Ask Prior to Selecting a Home Health Agency

  • Is the agency licensed, bonded and insured?
  • Is this a licensed home care agency or an employment agency?
  • Are the caregivers employees of the agency or independent contractors?
  • Who is responsible for employment taxes?
  • Will all care be monitored on an ongoing basis by a registered nurse or will the nurse only visit when care begins?
  • Are the caregivers citizens or legal residents of the United States?
  • Does the agency offer live-in care?
  • What are the hiring standards for the agency?
  • Is a background check performed on all caregivers?
  • Does the agency have someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  • Are there geriatric care managers or social workers on staff?

The Benefits of Choosing a Licensed Home Health Care Agency

  • Agency assumes full liability for all care
  • Agency assumes responsibility for employee taxes, insurance, benefits, etc.
  • Back-up system is in place should usual caregiver be unable to work
  • Caregiver supervision and replacement—if you are not pleased with a caregiver, the agency will handle dismissal and replacement
  • Experienced caregivers ready to work on short notice
  • Full background and reference checks conducted by the agency
  • Provides legally mandated continuing education for caregivers
  • Registered Nurse monitors all care
  • Trained and licensed staff

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of home health care and the services provided by Freedom Home Healthcare, please contact the Freedom office nearest you.

Freedom Home Healthcare is really about ‘freedom’ – mine, my father’s and my mother’s. Our cheerful and compassionate caregiver has given our entire family its freedom back.

~ Doug B.