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Seminar Topics

Providing valuable information to families, clients and professionals for over 11 years.

Throughout the years, our team of experts has provided continuing education seminars for social workers, nurses, long-term care administrators and assisted living administrators. If you are interested in hosting a seminar at your location and scheduling one of our speakers, please check out our list of available topics below.

Everyday Ethical Dilemmas in Geriatric Care
Presented by: Barbra London, President

In our society, ethics refer to the principles that define and guide our behavior as right, good or proper. Through increased longevity of the geriatric population, critical life and death health choices are being made every day. Ironically, most elderly people are challenged for long periods of time about everyday ethics in how they treated by professionals and the long term care settings in which they practice.

This course will explore ethical principles such as self–determination, autonomy, paternalism, informed consent as witnessed in everyday life. Participants will engage in techniques of ethical decision making, conflict resolution and the rights of the geriatric individual. Approved for Social Workers, RN/LPN, CALA/LNHA credits

People Who Push Our Buttons: Understanding Conflict and Dealing Effectively With Difficult People Presented by: Barbra London, President
Some studies have shown that difficult people comprise approximately ten percent of the population but cause over 50 % of all relational damage. Those of us in the geriatric and/or health care field must learn to identify and deal with many types of difficult people on a daily basis; i.e. corporate and facility co-workers, residents, clients, their families and the public-at-large.

This course will provide participants with knowledge of how to identify challenging behaviors in others and ourselves. It will explore personality types and how to recognize our actions and deal effectively with inevitable conflict. Approved for Social Workers, RN/LPN, CALA/LNHA credits

Quality In-Home Care, Hidden Costs, Risks and Liabilities: A Consumer Protection Issue* Presented by: Barbra London, President
Home care services are on the rise in America. The risks and liabilities of hiring in-home help are great if there is a lack of understanding on a referral source’s part about the types of care and the responsibilities inherent in providing or seeking in-home care. Clearly, all Home Care is not equal. Private duty home care is a complex, mostly unregulated industry and the quality of care between providers varies greatly. Without knowing it, the consumer risks employing a home care provider who may not be qualified and who may take advantage of the consumer on many levels: physically, psychologically and/or financially. Often consumers are not aware of the legal risk they face for nonpayment of the required governmental liabilities when they use registries, placement agencies or hire an independent care provider.

This seminar will explore those legal risks as well as the costs and liabilities that potentially face consumers of in home care, inform and educate about the current laws in NJ. It will help differentiate between the choices of home care- licensed home care, registries, and private hires. *Approved for Social Workers & RN/LPN credits

Sensitivity to Cultural Diversity in the Elderly Presented by: Barbra London, President
Today’s aging population is more diverse than ever in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, language, immigration history, socioeconomic levels and education. In order to provide effective care in this changing demographic mosaic, our approaches must also change.

This course will provide geriatric clinicians with an understanding of the effects of cultural components and learn to use this knowledge to design appropriate culturally sensitive care plans. Discussion will include cultural theoretical frameworks, practice assessment, interventions, evaluation and research methodologies specific to ethnic-elders, their families and communities. Approved for Social Workers, RN/LPN, CALA/LNHA credits

Sexuality and the Elderly
Presented by: Barbra London, President

Participation in this course will provide a clinical overview of the physical, behavioral, psychological and social aspects of sexuality as is pertains to the aged. Normal sexual functioning will be explored as well as sexual dysfunction, sexual behavior in residential and healthcare facilities and sexual expression in specific populations, such as those with dementia.

Participants will learn how to assess for sexual problems, gain an understanding of treatment options and learn effective interventions. Approved for Social Workers, RN/LPN, CALA/LNHA credits

Transitions: Toward a Successful Adjustment Presented by: Barbra London, President
Transitions occur throughout the life cycle. The experience of aging is one of living with life-altering experiences. Successful aging and adaptation to new situations requires coping within evitable losses, accepting one’s new life positively and beginning again to create a meaningful life. By taking a proactive approach, we can help the elderly achieve a successful adjustment to new life experiences. Participants will learn the effect that life transitions have on older adults. They will be able to identify individual coping responses and acquire the skills necessary to help elderly individuals successfully adjust to new life situations. Approved for Social Workers, RN/LPN, CALA/LNHA credits

Understanding the Impact of Aging on Families Presented by: Barbra London, President
This program is designed to provide the attendees with a working understanding of the process of aging in this country and its impact on the family. The program will examine specific characteristics of the aging family, other trends that impacts family life, and the structure and dynamics of the care giving relationship. In addition, attendees will explore who the caregiver is, who receives care, which provides care, changing roles and relationships with in the family. Approved for Social Workers, RN/LPN, CALA/LNHA credits